Virocide XL Bottle of Gel Hand Sanitizer 1L/33.9oz (12/case)


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  • Virocide 1L/33.8oz 70% Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer with pump dispenser or flip cap.
  • 12 Bottles per case.
  • Active Ingredient
    • 70% Ethyl Alcohol.
    • Surpasses CDC minimum recommended levels of 60% Ethyl Alcohol for Medical Grade sanitizers.
  • Kills 99.99% of illness causing germs including bacterial and viral.
  • No irritating dyes and colorants.
  • CHG and latex compatible.
  • Help keep your family and those you care for healthy. Quickly removes dirt on your hands while moisturizing your hands.
  • Keeps your hands moisturized and soft even after repeated use. Perfect for dry skin or soft hands, will make your hands feel smooth and fresh.
  • Place this bottle in your home, classroom or office reception area. Reach for the Seekr brand Hand Sanitizer bottle when you need to refresh or clean-up in a hurry.
Cap Type

Pump, Flip Cap


Eucalyptus, Citrus, Piña Colada, Lavender, Normal


Austin, Texas

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