USA manufactured Hand Sanitizers

Gentle Hand Sanitizers for your school, hotel, restaurant, commercial or government facility.

Made in America

Quality American Product

Our formulas are directly from the CDC and FDA's list of premium hand sanitizers. Made in the USA and independently tested for purity. 

Unbeatable Shipping

We have a Texas sized inventory which allows our team to fulfill orders with unbeatable shipping times. 


Community Centric

We offer Texas solutions to global problems. Our mission to provide American businesses, schools, hotels, restaurants, and government facilities with supplies they need to stay safe without leaving the neighborhood.

Seekr Essentials
We're here to help!

About Seekr Essentials

Seekr Essentials is an American company dedicated to helping our community stay safe. Our mission is to provide the highest quality sanitation products at the best prices on the market. We are located in Austin, Texas and currently serve all 50 states. We are committed to empowering our local economies as well, which is why our hand sanitizer is manufactured in America. 


- Founder of Seekr Essentials


Bulk Wholesale and whitelabeling

Contact our team or your Seekr representative to learn about our wholesale pricing options.


Austin, Texas

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